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Bandwidth Speed Providers and Broadband Solutions

Bandwidth Circuit Chart

DS-1/T-1 1.544 Mbps
DS-3/T-3 45 Mbps
OC-1 52 Mbps
OC-3 155 Mbps
OC-12 622 Mbps
OC-24 1.224 Gbps
OC-48 2.448 Gbps
OC-192 9.953 Gbps
OC-768 39.813 Gbps
OC-3072 159.252 Gbps

Getting to Know Bandwidth

This article sheds some light on what Bandwidth is, and different aspects and categories of bandwidth. How Bandwidth works and what is the basic mechanism? All these info will definitely create your interest on this particular aspect and will give you a more clear knowledge regarding what Bandwidth actually is and how it contributes to our daily technological life.

To start with, Bandwidth is basically processing the signal which comes to our electronic devices in different forms. The adjacent frequency signals come in two ways. One is upper frequency and other one is lower frequency. Bandwidth is actually the difference between these two adjacent frequencies. If someone says that a system has a particular bandwidth, then it means the signals of that particular Bandwidth the system will be able to process. It is a very important resource in different signal processing contexts.

For example, when you are listening to radio, your radio tuner has a limited range of frequency to capture the signal. There can be lots of transmitters, and each transmitter owns a part of Bandwidth. Sometimes the Government divides the Bandwidth to broadcast license holders, so that there won’t be any clash among different signals.

The measuring unit of Bandwidth is ‘hertz’, which is a major concept in lots of fields like radio communication, electronics etc. Band can be located anywhere in the frequency spectrum and carry same amount of information. It is basically the band of a given length. Communication channel, signal spectrum etc. are known as Passband Bandwidth.

Bandwidth can be expressed in two different ways in the world of antennas. These are known as narrowband and wideband antennas. There are some set of criterions to define and express these Bandwidths.

Photonics is a pretty different and interesting field for Bandwidth. There, Bandwidth has different meanings. The Bandwidth can be the width of the range of a frequency that can be transmitted by an Optical Fiber. It can be the range width of something else. Like reflection or resonance.

According to control theory, the Bandwidth has a “closed-loop system gain”, which should drop at least 3dB below peak. As far as having access to Internet is concerned, Bandwidth is something that you will need for data exchange. This an important aspect of the modern lifestyle.  

The Following Types Of Bandwidth Service Are Offered:

  • Data Bandwidth Lines
  • Local Bandwidth Lines
  • Integrated Bandwidth Lines
  • Ethernet Bandwidth Lines 
  • Point to Point Bandwidth Lines
  • International Bandwidth Lines
  • MPLS Bandwidth Lines

Bandwidth References

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